We promote the rights of people with mental
illness to live in the neighbourhood of their choice.

Every person has an equal right to accommodation, free from discrimination on the basis of mental illness, another disability, source of income or any other personal characteristic.

City Planning Issues

Recommended solutions to discrimination in the planning process.

Implementing Inclusionary Zoning Policy to Facilitate Affordable Housing Development
Imagine affordable housing as a normal part of development, instead of a NIMBY moment. John Gladki and Steve Pomeroy look at the economic and legal issues, and propose an approach to creating inclusive communities without unfairly taxing developers. Published by the Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association.

Balancing Supportive Housing with Community Engagement
This University of Toronto 2007 research paper makes eight recommendations for the City of Toronto’s Planning Department and Affordable Housing Office — and tells supportive housing providers to stop being so defensive!

The Case for a Systemic Approach to Discriminatory NIMBY in Ontario (Link)
This discussion paper developed by the Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association looks at the ways senior governments can help “stop discriminatory NIMBY in its tracks.”

The Case for Inclusionary Zoning (PDF)
A response to gentrification in Washington DC.

The Establishment of Group Homes in the Town of Mississippi Mills
A very comprehensive 2003 study of Official Plan Policies, Zoning Regulations, and other regulatory actions and procedures.

Guide to Fair Housing
Developed by the US National League of Cities and the Coalition to Preserve the Fair Housing Act. Municipal officials and housing and human rights activists worked together to find non-discriminatory ways to site group homes.

Joint Regulatory Statement (PDF)
This joint report from the US Department of Justice and the Department of Housing and Urban Development explains how the US Fair Housing Act affects municipal zoning – and rules distancing requirements illegal.