We promote the rights of people with mental
illness to live in the neighbourhood of their choice.

Every person has an equal right to accommodation, free from discrimination on the basis of mental illness, another disability, source of income or any other personal characteristic.

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Napanee group home files human rights complaint

Complaint against Napanee’s Mayor and Council lodged after Council ignores legal advice.

Human Rights and Land Use Planning

HomeComing’s recommendations for the Ontario Planning Policy Statement. Download the report

Beyond the Backyard Fence

What happens after social housing moves into the neighbourhood? HomeComing’s latest guide for Ontario supportive and affordable housing providers offers our best advice.

Abolishing OMB would lead to rampant Nimbyism

Globe columnist Marcus Gee highlights the OMB’s role as the last defence against Nimbyism.

Cultural sensitivity? Or NIMBY?

The public was quick to denounce opponents of a Vancouver hospice. Let’s remember their arguments the next time “cultural sensitivities” block supportive housing.

Supportive housing pays for itself.

BC taxpayers would save $211 million per year in homelessness services if everyone had adequate housing and supports — enough to pay for the entire cost of creating new units, with over $30 million per year left over. And a US study of nine US cities shows that supportive housing costs less than hospitals, glucosemeter [...]

This municipal election . . .

Say a word for inclusive communities.

Toronto Zoning By-law still discriminatory

Toronto City Council passed its amalgamated zoning by-law on August 27th –but the Ontario Human Rights Commission calls for changes.

A landmark Charter Challenge

Legal case seeks declaration that homelessness violates Charter.

Our best chance to abolish discriminatory zoning by-laws

Tell the City’s Planning and Growth Committee to uphold the human rights code and drop distancing requirements.

Last frontier of legal prejudice

The Dream Team challenges Toronto’s discriminatory zoning by-law.

Sarnia revokes anachronistic by-laws targeting disabled

The City of Sarnia throws out regulations that restrict the location of group homes.

By-laws must follow Human Rights Code – OHRC

“Using by-laws to keep some people out of neighbourhoods is wrong,” said Ontario Human Rights Commissioner Barbara Hall.

OMB says zoning must respect human rights

A landmark OMB decision says the City of Kitchener’s Cedar Hill By-law did not give due consideration to the human rights of vulnerable people.

A new NIMBY guide for municipal officials

ACT (Affordability and Choice Today) has just published Housing In My Backyard: A Municipal Guide for Responding to NIMBY. The guide offers practical advice and case studies from across Canada, including Ontario’s groundbreaking human rights work.

OHRC comments on Toronto zoning by-law

The City has committed itself to a Housing Charter. The City’s new amalgamated zoning by-law is one place to put that commitment into action. Read the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s comments.

Human Rights Commission launches rental housing policy

The OHRC affirms that “people or groups identified under the Code should not have to ask permission form prospective neighbours before moving into a neighbourhood.”

Council approves Toronto Housing Charter

Toronto Housing Charter says all residents should “be able to live in the neighbourhood of choice without discrimination.”

Two Calgary studies add to the evidence

Studies from the University of Calgary and the City of Calgary show affordable and non-market housing has “little or no” impact on surrounding property values.

Human rights trump property rights

Columnist Carol Goar reports “barriers are toppling. Attitudes are changing. NIMBYISM appears to have met its match.”

Property values go up, not down: Study

Furman Centre for Real Estate and Urban Policy amazon coupons 2008 study of 123 supportive housing developments.

NIMBYism: a human rights concern

Ontario Human Rights Commission names discriminatory NIMBY as a human rights concern. Get the link to the full report.

Letter to the Editor: NIMBYism alive and well

Don Weitz writes: “Congratulations to urban planner-researcher Lilith Finkler for criticizing housing discrimination against psychiatric survivors and the homeless. Unfortunately, NIMBYism is still widespread in Toronto and other major cities in Canada.”

Human Rights? Not for everybody

Joey Slinger writes: “Neither liberals nor conservatives have the slightest hesitation about saying the most utterly despicable things imaginable.”

Mentally ill, homeless hurt by zoning by-laws

Ontario municipalities are discriminating against the mentally ill, the homeless, and other disadvantaged groups through their zoning by-laws, says a Toronto urban planner.